Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples before COVID-19


Within the framework of the Amazonia 2.0 project, the local ECOREDD office in Atalaya (Peru), on Friday May 1st, delivered baskets with basic necessities and protection items to the leaders and monitors of the local indigenous organizations, complying with the regulations of distancing and protection in the case of the pandemic.

The president of the Regional Coordination of Indigenous Peoples of Atalaya (CORPIAA), Professor Edwin Jumanga, thanked the gesture and support, highlighting the importance of indigenous peoples and the needs they demand in this emergency that puts their health at risk, due to their situation of extreme vulnerability. At the same time, he invited the technical team of ECOREDD to continue working together to reactivate the economy of the indigenous peoples after COVID 19.

Braulio Buendía, participated virtually in this event, stressed the importance of indigenous peoples, while invoking the unit to continue working together and reiterated its intention to continue cooperating and implementing joint initiatives with organizations and indigenous peoples post COVID, highlighting that this problem should also be seen as an opportunity to ensure the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and enhance the value of the territory and its forests.

This same action will be done with the team of the Veeduría of the organization FECONAPA and URPIA. We hope that other projects and organizations will continue to join the solidarity campaign to continue contributing in these difficult moments for indigenous peoples.